An introduction

I read lots of blogs about people with anorexia, but I feel that there is so much that isn’t said, that I’d like people out there to know. If you have somehow come across my blog and are taking the time to read this then thank you.

I am a medium height 15 year old girl. My parents both have good jobs and we live in a nice house. I was comfortable, loved and as content as any teenage girl ever is. Then, for what appeared to be no reason, I began suffering from depression. Six months after my diagnosis I started losing a lot of weight very quickly.

Fast forward six months and I was admitted into hospital under emergency- I was told my life was at risk. And you know what? I couldn’t give a damn. I was just beyond furious that I was going to have to gain weight.

When told I could die, my full attention was on weight loss. When told that my heart could fail, I thought about how hard it was going to be to lose weight, when I got out of hospital, with my patents watching my every move.

Unless you have suffered an eating disorder you just can’t understand the obsession your whole self has with food, food, food. It’s all you can think about. It’s always creeping up in your thoughts. It’s always so present.

I’m going to end the post here, as this is meant to be a short introduction. In the next post, I am going to be talking about the act of self induced vomiting… a.k.a. Purging.

Thank you.