Dragonfly Thoughts

Hi, I’ve made a new blog that I’m going to use to record what I eat, when I eat, when I purge, where I purge, etc. It’s basically going to be a mix of an online diary, a diet tracker and a pro ana/mia blog.

It’s http://www.mydragonflythoughts.wordpress.com

Why ‘dragonfly’ thoughts? For those who don’t know, a dragonfly is the symbol of pro ana/ pro mia. Like some people wear crosses around their necks, I wear a dragonfly necklace around my neck everyday.

It’s my choice people. Not everyone views anorexia/bulimia as a disease. For some of us it’s a way of life. It’s our choice. Some people claim that they love their curves, well I love my bones.


I think some girls are hypocrites

Why are you allowed to love your ‘curves’, but it’s wrong for me to love my ‘bones’?

Why is it okay for you to call me anorexic, but horrible for me to call you fat?

Why can you laugh and tell me to eat some chips, but I can’t laugh and tell you to eat some celery?

If you can tell me to gain weight, why can’t I tell you to lose weight?

If you can feel beautiful for being big, then I can feel beautiful for being thin. 

Get over it. 



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