Anorexia Coach???

As some of you will know, I have recently been exploring the world of pro ana/mia and I’ve come across a disturbing discovery. There are people out there who claim to be anorexia coaches.

An anorexic couch who contacted me goes by the name Justin AMTM. He claims to be able to help you lose weight by his ‘training’. I played along with the conversation for some time, before I blocked him and let me just tell you, what he was spouting out was disturbing.

He claimed that he helps other anorexic girls purge- he sticks his fingers down their throats to activate their gag reflexes. He claims to channel the spirits of Ana and Mia. He claims to be able to help me go down to a weight below 80 pounds- even in my anorexia riddled mind, I know that that weight is unhealthy for a girl my age and height. Hell, for most girls anywhere!

To any anorexic out there who may have been contacted by this Justin AMTM guy, or anyone else claiming to be a pro ana/mia couch, don’t contact them. Block them. They are trying to take advantage of you for some sick reason that I don’t know or want to find out. Stay safe girls.

Love Hayley



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