My pro ana/mia buddy :)

I found a pro ana/mia buddy and her name is Meg(an).

Megs is so like me 🙂 It’s so amazing to finally find someone I can relate to! Meg understands what I’m going through, and I understand what she is going through. She manages to joke around like I do about my ED every now and then, which my other friends just can’t!


I know lots of people wouldn’t approve, but I’m glad I reached out for a buddy- I don’t contact Meg for motivation or encouragement in eating disorder related activities, but for companionship. For someone to share the pain with. Megan is already helping me, because she understands and I’ve missed having that. I really, really have.

So to everyone who thinks this is wrong/bad of me- you try having a huge secret that you can’t share with anyone and can’t talk to anyone about! You try having an eating disorder and feeling so overwhelmed you just want to slit your freaking wrists and be done with life because it’s all just too much and too overwhelming and you just feel so a.l.o.n.e.

Don’t judge me, don’t judge any of us, I’m happy I found Meg. I’m  happy that I finally can open up and share all these heavy secrets in my heart which are weighing me down.

Thank you Meg!


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