Letter from a Journalist

I recieved an email the other day from a lady investigating Pro ana/mia sites, and I thought I’d share my response here.

This was the email she sent me:

My name is Katie King. I am a journalist for the Western Herald at Western Michigan University. I am writing an article on the pro mia/pro ana websites/blogs. I wanted to get your side of the story. I have talked to a doctor already, but I want to get insight from you ladies. I would appreciate it very much if you could email me back as soon as you get a chance. I don’t want to write this article to make any of you look bad I just think it’s important to show all sides of the story. Hope to talk to you soon. 

And this is my reply:


Hi Ms. King!


I’d be happy to give you my side of the story 🙂


I’m 15, turning 16, and have had an eating disorder for around two years. I have been diagnosed with anorexia binge/purge subtype. It’s very lonely having an eating disorder, and you often wish you just had someone to talk to. Pro ana/mia sites aren’t necessarily about encouraging people to become anorexic/bulimic and to encourage them with their eating disorders. It’s about talking in a community that understands your pain and what you’re going through. It’s about talking to other people who are going through similar struggles with relationships because their eating disorder and family is clashing. Yes, you can get support from others about helping your eating disorder along, but you can also receive support in recovery on these sites.


I’ve found that people tend to blame pro ana/mia sites for eating disorders because they need something/someone to blame. I know that my mum blames pro ana/mia sites but I was self-induced vomiting (purging) waaaaaaaay before I found pro-ana/mia sites. What I found at the sites were tips to make purging more comfortable, but the sites also outline the risks involved. Or, at least the sites I subscribe to do.


I love pro ana/mia sites because people don’t feel grossed out when I say that I had to purge in a public toilet, with vomit and toilet water splashing back up into my face. They see past that, and see that I’m upset that I had to go to these measures, and they offer me comfort, alternatives and even tell me their own similar experiences.


I hope that in your article you write about how pro ana/mia sites aren’t all about losing weight. They’re about SUPPORT. Support in losing weight, support in gaining weight, support in recovery. Support, friendship and understanding.


Thanks for reading this, and once you’ve finished your article (if you haven’t already), can you email me a copy?


Love, Hayley


What do you guys think on pro ana/mia sites?


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