The Places I’ve Purged

In my year and a bit of purging up to 20 times a day, I’ve had to purge in some pretty unusual and disgusting places.

I don’t like talking about the places I’ve purged, because I feel judged by people because most of the population doesn’t understand the pure anxiety and desperation that us bulimics and anorexics feel in the space after we’ve eaten to until we can purge. Desperation drives people to desperate measures.

Here is a list of the Places I’ve Purged:

Into garbage bags
Into an old saucepan
Into a restaurant toilets
Into (empty) doggy-poo bags
In a public shower
In a neighbors bin
In a neighbors backyard
Into the rose bed in my garden
Into my neighbors outdoor toilet
Into showers in cabins
Into an airport toilet
Into beach toilets
Into the bushes in a dog park
Into a pile of raked up mown grass
Into a sink
Into my bath
In my shower
Into plastic bags

I have honed my ‘skill’ over the year and now I am able to purge in a public toilet without the people on either side of me aware.

Im not proud. It’s something I have to do. In my life anorexia always come first, and even my own dignity comes second.



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