First Purge of 2013

On the first of January, at around 9:20, I purged for the first time in 2013 . I have been on holiday, and this is the first time I’ve had Internet connection do I can upload this post.

I have to say, the first time I ever purged, I thought that it was a fad that wouldn’t last long. Well that ‘fad’ quickly became an obsession. Purging everyday, purging every meal… My days were ruled by the iron fist of anorexia- they still are, though to a lesser extent. Why? Because now that my parents know, they are far more careful that I don’t binge, fast or purge.

My first ever purge was on 9/12/2011. For over two years I had been struggling with body image issues and from emotional eating. I was always a slimmer child, and I felt that I was putting on too much weight; that I was becoming fat. And then, two days after school finished, I finally had the guts to ‘do the dirty’.

And here I am. A year has gone by, and although so much has changed, one thing is still the same- I want to be skinny.


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