I CAN’T but I CAN~ quote

I CAN’T make you happy, or angry, or sad – those are your feelings, and your responsibility – not mine

I CAN’T please everyone

I CAN’T save the world

I CAN’T be everything to everyone, and not lose myself in the process

I CAN’T go through life without making mistakes

I CAN’T be perfect

Heck, I CAN’T even be ALMOST perfect




I CAN smile and laugh and love

I CAN be compassionate

I CAN be empathetic

I CAN be kind to others

I CAN make a difference 

I CAN be sunshiny and bright

I CAN drive myself to be the best I can be 

I CAN choose to see the best in others

I CAN do more than I ever imagined – physically, mentally, and emotionally

I CAN sing and dance when no one is watching

I CAN sing and dance when EVERYONE is watching

I CAN be strong

I CAN be crazy and spontaneous and even a little bit silly 

I CAN be me. 



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